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First of all, forgive us about the late update in english, we just published in portugues or spanish or korean in some of our private blogs, but today, me and Cristina Kian are publishing in this blog our 1st report!

I know that in USA some of the people that helped us with our Fund Raising asked some questions about our volunteer work. We will answer all of this questions in here. Just in e thing that I can say now is, everything here was amazing, I’m more African now!

Enjoy our Report!
!st Report – Aug to Nov – En – Non Printable

In a few days you will be able to check the final one!

Forgive us again for this late post!

Cristina Kian and Samyr Moises


Humana Project in Africa
Humana People To People has 8projects in Africa. They are Child Aid, TCE, TTC, Vocational School, Clothes and Shoes, Farmers club, Hpoe.

Child Aid
Humana People to People launched its Child Aid projects since 1990.
At that time million of children are dying from preventable diseases.
Malaria and HIV/AIDS are horrific, daily realities that cannot be masked by statistical improvements.
The core of the Child Aid project is the Village Action Group consisting of 35 to 40 actively participating families who meet weekly for training and action. As DI, they has 10 line for child project.

The principles of TCE are basically to mobilize each and every individual in the community to KNOW and to ACT.
Together with each individual, the TCE Field Officer makes a plan for what he or she must do to contribute in getting the epidemic under control.

TTC is to teach the children in the village, generally without adjusted accessible resources, combined with the task to develop the general community thus putting the teachers like important persons and the school like the center of community. The training of teachers have to be better than the demand, rising to the reality of life of children and parents, integrated in the village.
Clothes and Shoes
Collecting and reselling used clothing is a major activity in Humana People to People to create the necessary funds for developing the projects. To create considerable value from discarded products that have zero value and to use this value to
improve living conditions for thousands of people and to overcome
economical disparity and educational gaps in some of the world’s
poorest nations are some of the values you create by collecting and reselling use clothing.

HOPE is offers care and support to those infected and affected with HIV, focusing particularly on the provision of Post Test Services. HOPE remains in the area and increases the activities and reaches out to more and more people with new and more services and programmes.

Vocational school
Humana People to People started its first Vocational School in 1980.
Today Humana People to People runs eleven vocational schools.
The schools aim for the youth to build capacities that enable them to
make a living from their skill, start a productive enterprise or qualify
for a job on the labour market. The skills offered range from Agriculture, Construction, Electricity, Metal Fabrication, Business, Tailoring and Community Development.

Famers Club
Humana People to People Farmers Clubs were started in Zimbabwe
in 1995. This experience led us to establish a more comprehensive Farmers Club program with the overall objective of improving food security and adopting more sustainable ways of farming, resulting in the reduction of poverty among farmers and their families.
The Farmers Club project is a 5 year program where the first 3 years focus on training the farmers in basic knowledge about sustainable farming and the last 2 years concentrate on cash crop production
and effective ways of processing the produce.

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I am so glad to think on and write about our happy last fundraising. We were divided into 3 micro teams unlike first fundraising, and it was more efficient. So, members of micro team that was working with me were Anna, Jacob, Amy, Miki, and me.
For Miki was in Denmark in relation to matter of visa, our fundraising was started with 4 members in Columbus, Ohio. In Columbus, we tried many things. Though that was our second fundraising, our first one was mainly ‘Site Finding (for clothes-collection box)’ so we didn’t have that much experiences and skills about fundraising. We’ve tried to do in front of Mexican markets with Anna’s help (even the only one thing we can say in Spanish was “Hola, Comestias”), street fundraising in downtown at evening time, and also in university. And I was playing my Korean instrument in Korean restaurant for fundraising that I really wanted to do before. Sometimes those attempts were working, but some of them were not working and even we were kicked out from one place, so I was so sad and tired. But I could keep going with energy so that there were my good members and some people helping and supporting us.
About Philadelphia, our second destination, we have a lot of funny things to say. First of all, changing the city from Cleveland into Philadelphia, a lot of food donation including Korean, and staying accidentally at a house of a pastor whose son is Korean famous singer. I really want to say every episode in detail, but I’m sorry that the paper has limit. So anyone who wants to know more can come to me.
In Pittsburgh, our third city, we finally met Miki from Denmark. We’re so glad and could be refreshed that she was highly motivated and energetic. With help and feeding of our hosts that family of Miki’s friend, Phillipe, and the daily, no, every time kiss of Papa of him, we could do fundraising in good mood.
In this fundraising, we saw, felt, and learned many things. Sometimes we’re so exhausted and some people made us angry with bad words, but many times we were happy and lauphing out with good people and funny episode. So I’ll remember that words in next fundraising “Just forget bad people and bad words, but never forget nice people.” as I did in last fundraising.

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IICD Michigan – February Africa Team 2010, I am one of the team members and I had  a great experience in the first Fundraising of our team.

Let’s  start  Fundraising preparation!

A lot of thing to check, decide, buy and prepare.  The cities were chosen, one team went to Oklahoma City and other to Dallas-TX. Each one of the team had some tasks to do like get permission to stay in stores, couch surfing, prepare binder, border, ID, box, check the cars and so on. The things are ready ! And the feelings and anxiety … let’s see. Our first Fundraising trip here we go!

A long way to travel, it took about 20 hours driving. Finally we arrived in Dallas-TX and started to look  around the city and tried to find stores that should be possible to raise funds.  In afternoon we went to couchsurfer’s house. It was really new for me, someone that don’t know us will host us for some days. It was fantastic and really worked well.  The couchsurfing give us a chance to meet a lot of different people and share our experiences. The trust in each other was a good point to work.

Going to Dallas ( Rita, Samyr, Cristina, Joao and Arthur).

The first week of fundraising we stayed in front of stores and explaining about our projects in Africa and then sometimes we got some donation and sometimes not. My first day was in a restaurant and the first person that I tried to tell about the projects was a man, and  he just told  me “I don’t need this …” and went in his car. That was a hard moment  for me and I felt sad , lost and I asked myself  “What am I doing  here ?”. All of the sudden, other man that was in a car in front of me got out of the car and just  put some donation in the box.  He didn’t ask anything, just had read the border behind me and gave the donation. So, I realize that I should be ready for new and any situation in this period of fundraising.  After explaining projects a lot of times, it’s going to be not so hard, but we never know wich new answer we’ll have.

After second week of fundraising, new opportunity!

So, all the team were together in Dallas. Our team had a chance to do site finding for Planet Aid  organization. What is it? We should try to find places to get the permission to put the Planet Aid box. This box is for donation of clothes, shoes, books and toys. We stayed three more weeks in Dallas and worked hardly finding boxes. Driving all the day, talking a lot, some permission we got easily and some not so much.

One of the Planet Aid boxes.

Every kind of fundraising we did were hard but a good experience. In my point of view, I knew more  about myself, my limits and how to lead in these new situation in my life. During fundraising, I tried to  find a way to get some energy to continue the activities we need to do. We must be strong and have focus in what we decide to do.

If you have a chance, just do it !

Cristina  Kian
February Africa Team 2010

Tomorrow is the great day! Africa February Team is ready to travel to far away cities to ask for donations. The team is divided in two groups. One is going to Dallas-TX and the another to Oklahoma City-OK. We have been very busy these two last weeks.

Most of the time was spent organizing everything to this big adventure that is to fundraise in a place not known from anybody in the team.

The tasks of fundraising preparation were divided for all the team and we´re so happy with the results. Our boards look very nice, our boxes (where people donate), the cars got checked to a safe trip, our money is very well organized, and we have “couch” to everybody in the following weeks.

We leave Dowagiac-MI in the morning after breakfast and say goodbye to the other teams. It´s going to be a big travel. To go to Dallas, one group will drive 20 hours and the other 17 hours to Oklahoma City.

We came from our countries and sincerely hope people from United States will support our team to go and make a difference in the World, specially Africa.

We want to thank everyone who have helped with our cause. Stores, restaurants, couchsurfers, IICD Michigan and our team leader. We really hope we can reach our goal.

Congratulations for the team for the job done so far and good luck to us on this journey that begin tomorrow!!